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Crucible, PA @ Duplex

Folk singer Lucy Taylor returns to her small town roots in a new musical written by Alex Shelbourne and produced by From Scratch Productions. Upcoming at the Duplex Cabaret Nov 15 (6:30 PM) and November 16 (9:30 PM).


Playdate Dixon Place

"Playdate is an ensemble driven, twelve character dark comedy that reimagines the Playboy Mansion not as it is in reality, but as it is in dreams and nightmares." Playdate runs Sep 26-28 at 7:30 PM on the Dixon Place Mainstage.


Hangar Theatre

"The Hangar Theatre Company presents its lively summer theatre series for young audiences, KIDDSTUFF, from June 20 to August 3." Projects include Phantom Tollbooth (Milo) and Lily Plants A Garden (Lily).

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