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Things My Parents Said When I Told Them I Wasn’t Coming Home for Christmas, or Pop Punk Lyrics?

Alexa, play “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas” by Blink-182.

  1. “I don’t blame you for being you, but you can’t blame me for hating it.”

  2. “I know you well enough to know you never loved me.”

  3. “I've always lived like this, keeping a comfortable distance, and up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness.”

  4. “I am finished with you.”

  5. “Do you feel like a man when you push [your mother] around?”

  6. “We’ll be together for one more night somewhere, somehow.”

  7. “And this'll be the first time in a week that I'll talk to you and I can't speak.”

  8. “You don't know what it's like to be like me, to be hurt, to feel lost, to be left out in the dark, to be kicked when you're down, to feel like you've been pushed around, to be on the edge of breaking down.”

  9. “Now everybody do the propaganda and sing along to the age of paranoia…”

  10. “I’m never gonna hear the words you say.”

  11. “I try not to think about the pain I feel inside… All the days you spent with me now seem so far away, and it feels like you don't care anymore”

  12. Will you come home and stop this pain tonight? Stop this pain tonight.”


  1. Fall Out Boy, “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me” (and my parents)

  2. Taking Back Sunday, “Cute Without the E” (and my parents)

  3. Paramore, “The Only Exception” (and my parents)

  4. Thirty Seconds to Mars, “The Kill” (and my parents)

  5. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, “Face Down” (and my parents)

  6. Yellowcard, “Ocean Avenue” (and my parents)

  7. Mayday Parade, “Miserable At Best” (and my parents)

  8. Simple Plan, “Welcome To My Life” (and my parents)

  9. Green Day, “American Idiot” (and my parents)

  10. Good Charlotte, “The Anthem” (and my parents)

  11. Simple Plan, “Perfect” (and my parents)

  12. Blink-182, “I Miss You” (and my parents)

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