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Things To Consume This Week That Don't Involve Planetary Doom

Updated: Oct 5, 2020



My New Years Resolution this year was to only listen to happy music! Now I am cured! Remain deluded (like me) or really lean into those end-of-the-world sadvibes. Either way... they slap.

  • Songs I'm Obsessed With Right Now - mars

  • Extremely Sad Songs To Make You Even Sadder - :/

  • Super Hype Songs For Those In Denial - ULTIBOPZ



Want to assert intellectual dominance? Or flirt with me? Drop "this podcast I'm listening to" into every interaction possible (extra points if that podcast is "from public radio"). Here are my picks for good conversations/conversation starters.

  • Reply All (Gimlet) - Hosts PJ and Alex explore deep corners of the internet, decipher memes, investigate tech mysteries, and share extraordinary human interest stories. Some favorite episodes include "The Case of the Missing Hit", "Long Distance Pt 1 & 2", and "Autumn".

  • Dolly Parton's America (WNYC) - Dolly Parton is America's great unifier. But WHY? Decide for yourself and listen to glorious country tunes along the way.

  • Invisibilia (NPR) - Now on its sixth season, Invisibilia tackles the abstract--emotions, ideas, beliefs, and resulting behavior. Very Interesting Episodes include "The Callout", "A Very Offensive Rom-Com", "The End of Empathy", and "Future Self".

  • Song Exploder (Apple) - Your favorite musical artists break down how they wrote your favorite songs. Responses range from "this took 12 years and 1685723 rewrites" to "I wrote in the shower over the course of 7 minutes". I'm biased toward the episodes featuring Wolf Alice, Japanese Breakfast, Mitski, and St. Vincent (of course).

  • The Butterfly Effect / Last Days of August (Audible) - Jon Ronson (niche journalist / shame expert / very cool Welsh guy) discusses what has happened to the industry since pornography became free. Follow it with Last Days of August to hear about how these consequences led to the sudden passing of one of its most famous young stars.



It's everywhere! Literally I just follow these people on Instagram. I do not pretend to know anything about art.



VERY cool that you know how to read.

Articles that I reference most frequently -

  • "When the Culture War Comes for the Kids" (Atlantic)

  • "The Smartest Women I Know Are All Dissociating" (Buzzfeed News)

  • "What A Straight Man's Favorite Musical Says About Him" (McSweeney's)

  • "The Miseducation of the American Boy" (Atlantic)

  • "I'm Not an Asshole. I'm an Introvert." Particularly relevant. (New Yorker)

Recent reads -

  • 'Such A Fun Age' by Kiley Reid

  • 'The Female Persuasion' by Meg Wolitzer

  • 'Three Women' by Lisa Taddeo


Tweets that are definitely also legitimate journalism -

  • Rachel Sennott with my internal monologue.

  • Eva Victor with a sentence I have also spoken this week.

  • Chopped Liva asking the tough questions.



You love to see them. (Important) (details) (in) (parentheses)!

For remembering what NYC was like before we were stuck indoors: High Maintenance (The whole thing! Is incredible!). Broad City (Witches episode!). High Fidelity (Zoe Kravitz's hot leather jacket!).

For watching other people do stupid stuff to make yourself feel less bad about being alone: Love Is Blind (Lauren! When Jessica feeds her dog wine!). The Circle (Shubham for President!). Love Island (Season 5! 100% my type on paper!).

For an addictive documentary types: Wild Wild Country (When Sheela says "Tough Titties!"). Cheer (Jerry!). Casting JonBenet (Who did it? Everyone!). American Vandal (The episode titles!).

Want something British? Because it's better? Fleabag (The wedding speech!). The End of The F*cking World (Season 2 is even better!). Sex Education (Ezra Furman's soundtrack!).

Want something...darker? Haunting of Hill House (Bent Neck Lady!). Euphoria (Teens!). Sharp Objects (Amy Adams!).

Don't have the attention span to watch TV? Short of the Week. Lauren Servideo on Instagram. This cover of Smash Mouth's "All Star" with melons. And Otis.



In addition to making the apocalypse About Me, I do really care about you too.

Don't forget to take walks, make stupid stuff, cross things off your list, worry, call your friends, worry less, be a potato, send memes, draw a self-portrait, take an online class, eat all of your snacks, ask for help, have a beer at 10 AM, donate your time or money or talents, try on all of your clothes, conference call board game nights, see how many grapes you can fit in your mouth, sleep all day, or stay up all night. Find small ways to fill your time or find out who you are when you sit with yourself, quietly, with nothing to fill your time.

And talk to me! I love you!

Here are some ongoing lists of resources and donation opportunities:


Ok. That's it for now.

Thanks for reading about my favorites.

Can't wait to hear all about yours.

Merry Apocalypse, pals.

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