Why I'm Tagging Casting Directors In All 10 Of My Performer/Artist Challenge Facebook Posts

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

...and You Should Too!

“Every day, select an image from a day in the life of a Performer/Artist - a photo from a day you felt fierce or a memorable moment you've had during a performance/show, and post it without a single explanation, then nominate somebody to take the challenge. That’s 10 days, 10 performance photos, 10 nominations and 0 explanations. Be active, be positive, be passionate... Raise Awareness of the Arts!"

Like all of my musical theatre predecessors on Facebook, I join the long line of individuals who have been nominated for the Performer/Artist Challenge! I awoke to the notification this morning, which instructed me to “select an image from a day in the life of a Performer/Artist” over the course of 10 days! That’s 10 days, 10 performance photos, and 10 opportunities for people to unfriend me. 

But this time, I’m not just posting on Facebook. I’m using this as a unique opportunity to network with industry professionals. And you should too! That’s right. I challenge you to not only share all 10 posts over 10 days, but also to directly tag the personal accounts of EVERY casting director in NYC. Check out my posts, get inspired, and (most importantly) get noticed!!

1. @ Gayle Seay: I hope this note finds you well! Please find my materials attached, in which I am wearing *fishnets*. Yes, you read that right! I, like every college student, was in a hastily-thrown-together-production-of-Rocky-Horror-that-was-performed-at-midnight-in-which-I-wore-fishnets. Haha yeah I love Pop/Rock! Wait, what’s that sound? A Rent National Tour appointment?! Haha! Is it BYO Cat Ears or

2. @ Bernard Telsey: I hope this note finds you well! In the following photo, you’ll find me imitating Kristen Chenoweth, as I have every single day since 2004! ***While I am currently submitting for Galinda/Glinda, please note that I am open to being considered for literally any female track/offstage voice/whimsical props mistress/Phantom of The Gershwin Theatre.*** 

3. @ Jay Binder: I hope this note finds you well! I am writing to express my interest in auditioning for Literally Any Cruise Line! I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely well-suited for international travel, because I Studied Abroad! The attached photo is not a performance photo, per se, but it IS a cute pic that got a lot of likes when I Studied Abroad. Ciao!

4. @ Laura Stanczyk: I hope this note finds you well! I wanted to let you know that although I usually do comedy, I am VERY versatile! Here you’ll find a very serious play in which I was playing the very serious character--oop wait nope this one is a playboy bunny

5. @ Tara Rubin: I hope this note finds you well! In this photo I am in high school, but you would never know it, because I literally look the same right now! I don’t age!! I apply hyaluronic acid 7 times a day!! I do NOT need to find an alternative to my parents’ insurance asap haha nope I will be 16 forever!!! I was born to play Laura Dreyfuss as Zoe in Dear Evan Hansen!! Please Tara the clock is ticking

6. @ Jim Carnahan: I hope this note finds you well! Just wanted to let you know I was in the ensemble of a regional production of Christmas Carol once :) I am not unique in any way I am just like everyone else who was in a regional production of Christmas Carol once :) Please let me know if you are still accepting submissions for whatever regional production of Christmas Carol you are currently casting :)

7. @ Duncan Stewart: I hope this note finds you well! Hadestown has gripped audiences across the nation through its retelling of destiny, fate, and heroic rescue. In many ways, my role as Margot (U/S Elle) in Legally Blonde echoed these very same sentiments. Just like Orpheus fought all odds on his way down to Hell, I also overcame overwhelming hardship and singlehandedly learned Chihuahua to prevent our production from joining the ranks of Red Room Studios in "Legally Blonde Fail Compilation" Youtube videos.

8. @ Michael Cassara: I hope this note finds you well! Please find my headshot attached. Although I submit it to you on the first of every month, and then continually throughout every month, and 10 times more frequently around NYMF audition month, I don't think you've ever seen it because I never hear back from you? Please let me know if you've received this (might have ended up in your spam folder). Idk I worry like maybe my email is broken? :/

9. @ Stephen Kopel: I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner, but I hope this note finds you well! Let’s talk about Jagged Little Pill. It’s cool. It’s edgy. It’s angsty. Hm sounds a lot like SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED 19TH CENTUARY GERMANY. YEAH. YOU OUGHTA KNOW. I got one hand in my pocket and the other one is holding Melchior’s BABY. #####hashtag TEENS!!*!/!*!!!/

10. @ Joy Dewing: I hope this note finds you--oh. Hi, Joy. Miss you. How are you? I hope you’re well. I bet California is really nice this time of year. Wow. Should I move to California.? I should move to California. ?? shouldn’t I??! Joy??!!!>!? 


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