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I Loved Clear Glasses So Much That I Made The Rest of My Apparel Clear Too

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

On Saturday evening, Lydia Applecorn found herself alone, again, shopping for a new pair of glasses online.

“I couldn’t believe that these websites have new virtual try-on technology!” she said. Lydia spent all night testing different products on her uploaded selfie. “Tortoise-shell, semi-rimless, aviator… I tested them all.” But none of them tugged at her heartstrings quite as much as the pair with clear frames. Simply put, she was in love.

She immediately ordered a pair and waited 5 - 7 business days for them to arrive. As soon as she received the package, she was thrilled to find that they looked just as good in real life as they did on the virtual try-on platform. The next morning, her co-workers showered her in compliments.

Everyone was looking at me. I’ve literally never felt better,” Lydia gushed.

Suddenly, she began to wonder about the possibilities of this new fashion statement. What if… what if she only wore clear plastic on the rest of her body? The next day, she wrapped herself in shower curtain and found the answers she was seeking.

“People weren’t just looking at me. They were seeing me--all of me--for the first time,” she told us. “Even my boss called me in to have a meeting about my new look. The attention I’m getting is just...endless!”

Although she was fired from her job, Lydia is currently developing an entire clothing line inspired by her new glasses. Items range from clear sweater vests to clear socks and everything in between, all of which are made of transparent plastic. “You know how people call jean shorts ‘Jorts’? I want to start something like that. But with Clorts.”

Lydia says her mother is very worried about this new endeavor and her general stability. But Lydia pays no mind.

“I’m building a movement,” she said with a tip of her Cledora and magnified twinkle in her eye.

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