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"Cool" fromWrite Out Loud 
2022 EP out now!

Vocals: Aisha Jackson
Composition: Natalie Myrick
Music Direction: Benjamin Rauhala
Orchestrations: Macy Schmidt

At The Barre 2023 Concert -
"Echo", Green Room 42

Vocals: Marina Pires & Natalie Myrick
Music & Lyrics: Natalie Myrick
Music Direction: Alex "Goldie" Golden
Filmed By: Next Stop Creatives

At The Barre book by SMJ, lyrics by SMJ and Natalie Myrick, music by Natalie Myrick and Sarah Flaim. Developed in partnership with Latiné Musical Theatre Lab, New York Stage and Film, Sappho Project, and Open Jar Studio's Broadway Inclusion Project.

Catherine, a principal ballet dancer, and Shawn, a street mime, battle their minds, their bodies, and their grief, to make a connection in a chaotic world. Further footage and materials available on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.


i'm fine though - 
2023 Ars Nova ANT Fest

Actors: Vanessa Vivas & Natalie Myrick
Book: SMJ
Music: Natalie Myrick
Lyrics: SMJ & Natalie Myrick
Filmed By: Next Stop Creatives

i'm fine though book by SMJ, lyrics by SMJ and Natalie Myrick, music by Natalie Myrick. Developed in partnership with Ars Nova, Latiné Musical Theatre Lab, Sappho Project, and Michigan State University.

Rae, a content factory, goes live online again after yet another day of writing, recording, and creating content in the pursuit of fame. Armed with a camera, a timer, an instrument, and partner Lily, Rae gives herself one livestream to decide whether to give up on creating or not. i'm fine though is a multimedia experience that explores mental health, the chronically online experience, self-exploitation for the sake of an audience, and our own creations.




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